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Services Recap

Expert Assembly, Relocation and Re-staining Services and New Play Set Sales. Professional installation of ALL swing set brands and models. We encourage you to take advantage of our many years of experience! We know which brands and models offer the best value and we will help you determine the best match for your particular circumstances. Compare and contrast, features and benefits… we get it! Confident decisions involve good information and knowing your options. We’re here to help and dedicated to exceeding your expectations. Thank you in advance, from all of us at Swing Set Pros!

Our History

Before Swing Set Pros:

During my many years in family photography, I learned the key to capturing a great portrait was keeping the little ones engaged and entertained. Taking this to the next level, I opened Classic Images and started doing specialized child photography in day care and preschool centers like KinderCare and Tutor Time.

In 2008, I sold C.I. to a couple looking to expand their photo business and opened Swing Set Pros. Building SSP into the most respected business of its kind in Southern California has been a true labor of love. Thank you to all that have been a part of it on the way.

Thanks as well for the heartfelt reviews, support and for being a part of our success. It has been my absolute pleasure helping all of you provide you and your kids with memories you’re sure to cherish forever.

About The Owner

Being one of 5 kids, and now father of 3 and stepfather of 4, I guess I was destined to end up involved with something geared toward families “spending time together”.

We understand how important the early years are. The benefits of reading, singing, talking…engaging them in any way are impossible to overstate. They’re when we have the greatest impact on our children… instilling their self-confidence, sense of humor, imagination and curiosity. If our play sets make nurturing these qualities in your children even a little easier or a little bit more fun, all the better. Longterm benefits not withstanding, tired kids go to bed earlier affording you more of the ever elusive “me time”.

It is our sincere hope that our service helps provide a wealth of memories for you and your kids. Memories of laughter, fun, and happiness.


We Are Good People

We’re real people, just like you. Our process is simple: we take the time to get to know you, and we always keep your best interests in mind.  Swing Set Pros’ primary focus is to leave you and your children smiling and happy.

SSP will continue to sell play systems that are incredibly safe and durable, helps match parents with brands that offer the best value, and provides a level of service, honesty and expertise found nowhere else.