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Backyard Adventures

Swing Set Pros is Backyard Adventures authorized SoCal dealer
(And we’re really happy about it!)

Whether your child is 2 or about to turn 12, Backyard Adventures and Swing Set Pros has the play set that will keep your children engaged, having fun, thrilled and challenged!

Engineered and built with an ongoing commitment to established “old school” standards, Backyard Adventures play systems feature super tall swing beams. You need an 8, 9 or 10’ high swing beam to provide the thrilling experience of weightlessness and the sensation of flying we all remember as a kid. 90% of the swing sets on the market have swing beams that are 7′ or lower!

Heavy duty construction using inline compression clamps, 2nd generation hardware, thick pieces of wood make these sets tough enough to take whatever your kids can dish out. Year after year Backyard Adventure play sets will continue to perform reliable and safely.

We’ll help you figure out which play set best meets the needs of you and your family and we’ll carefully and conscientiously assemble it to ensure your play set will provide the reliability, durability and strength Backyard Adventure sets are known for.

Backyard Adventure sets are made with the best materials available:

  • You won’t find any pine or treated woods here – only strong, durable, beautiful Cedar. All of our Treehouse, Explorer and Expedition Series play set are built with 4×4″ fort uprights and 4×4″-4×6″ swing beam legs. No 2×4″ lumber is used for the main fort uprights or swing beams like those you find at Toy Stores, Home Improvement Stores, and Big box Stores!

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Backyard Adventures

BA’s Flagship Series: 
Treehouse and Peak

Both Treehouse and Peak Series play sets are fully customizable… allowing customers to choose every component and feature they want, and eliminate any they don’t want. Backyard Adventures’ lifetime warranty removes any doubt or worry about wether you purchased the right set. You’ll rest easy knowing any structural component or any piece of hardware in need of replacement, will be at no charge as long as you own the set.

Treehouse Series are available with 5′, 6′ or 7′ deck heights.

Peak series sets available with 6ft. or 7ft. deck heights only.

What is the significance of a higher deck height? Higher deck heights provide the ability to mount taller swing beams. Taller swing beams take fun to the next level.

Explorer Series:  
Magellan and Mountaineer

The Magellan and Mountaineer are kinda like the little siblings of Treehouse and Peak model play sets. Slightly scaled down versions, they are still incredibly tough! They come with the same heavy duty swing beams featured on the Treehouse and Peak models, and the quality of their construction qualifies them for the same Lifetime Warranty.

The Magellan is the scaled down version of a Treehouse play set. 3 customizable configuration options to choose from, The Magellan gives you features typically only found only on high end “specialty play sets”:

  • 8’+ high steel reenforced swing beams with 4×6″ legs,
  • Steel saftety handles, and plenty of them!
  • Constructed from materials and hardware reliable enough to qualify it for BA’s Lifetime Warranty.

The Mountaineer is the scaled down version of the Peak play set. This set can be configured to occupy a footprint as small as 16.5’x17′, giving it the ability to accommodate challenging space conditions.

Expedition Series: 
Avalanche and Yosemite

In the same “old school spirit” of what makes swing sets fun, the Expedition series makes it so everybody can step up to Backyard Adventures Quality.

Developed to compete with play sets typically found at Costco, Walmart, or Toys R Us, the primary intent was to offer customers a substantially superior product at a very similar price point. Expedition Series sets feature swing beams that are 7 1/2′ tall. That 1 to 1 1/2 ‘ tall difference in swing beam height distinguishes them from any other play set at or near their price point. Their 10 year structural warranty distinguishes them as well. Similar sets warranties only cover the structure for one year, and introduce ridiculously restrictive parameters to the warranty after that.

Even the most modest of budgets can find their way to Backyard Adventures Quality through the Expedition Series.

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